Hello there!

My name is Perry

Perry was born in Kansas City, Missouri, and currently lives in Austin, Texas. He has a strong background in sculptural fine art and uses those skills for my current graphic design work.

There is a lot of artistic merit in the things that are often overlooked. He manipulates images of the mundane to try to create something worthwhile. The goal is to create with tactility in mind in both digital art and three-dimensional sculptures. Minimalism is something that He values in his work choosing to focus only on the parts that matter most. He works from the center out, starting with a strong concept and organically building upon it.
His work is all based on high contrast pallets in either black and white or high contrast block colors with print in mind as the final stage. The goal of this is to create something that instantly grabs your attention and makes you want to take it home. By using images he has taken himself he tries to incorporate a piece of himself into the work giving it a life of its own. If you are thinking about something he has made days later, he has done his job.